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Scott Bushkie, Founder of Cornerstone International Alliance, is my first guest as we launch inaugural episode of The M&A Mastermind Podcast. Scott started in the M&A industry 25 years ago and founded his own boutique investment banking firm, Cornerstone Business Services in 2001. He has a storied career thus far, becoming the youngest person to achieve the CBI designation through IBBA and his M&AMI through M&A Source. He was also the youngest president/chair of IBBA and M&A Source. He recently wrote his first book and workbook call “Finish Strong” and helped create the first motion picture rated documentary on mergers and acquisitions called M&A.

Our inaugural episode shares the story of why Scott founded Cornerstone International Alliance. We are a group of premier lower middle market firms who focus on the lower middle market. We help M&A firms level up their practice through professional development, experience/best practices sharing, awareness, back office support and buyer accessibility. As we always say, we are stronger together!

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