Lower middle market business valuations vary by industry, geography and situation. Members of CIA combine national resources and industry expertise specific to these variables to better understand the potential value of your business.

Understanding the value of your business is the first step to a full business sale. Often, many M&A intermediaries simply tell business owners what they want to hear in order to start the business sale process, almost as if the valuation is merely a formality. Unfortunately, this directly correlates to the #1 reason why most businesses don’t sell– unrealistic value expectations compared to what the market is willing to pay.

CIA operates much differently.

CIA members provide realistic, accurate valuation information so the business owner can make a well-informed decision regardless of the outcome. If now is not the right time to sell the business, our team can help expedite the value enhancement process to guide them to where they ultimately want to be.

In short, our job is not to tell the business owner what they want to hear but what they need to hear to make a well-informed decision in what may be the most significant financial transaction in their life.

Pre-sale Planning

Life Insurance & Buy/Sell Agreements

Value Enhancement

Internal Transfers

No Requirement to Transact

We can support your valuation needs on either an ad-hoc basis or as part of preparing for an M&A transaction

Method Variety

Technical valuations and market based assessments available

Lower Middle Market Focused

Companies in this segment are valued through a unique lense. Large valuation firms often do not understand the drivers and inhibitors of value for companies in the lower middle-market.