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In this episode of the M&A Mastermind podcast, host Nick Olsen interviews Bob Dunn from GF Data about the latest trends in lower and middle market M&A. They discuss the GF Data reports, which provide valuation information across different transaction sizes and industries. 

 Some key takeaways from the conversation are: 

 1) Deal volume is recovering, with a significant increase expected in the coming quarters, driven by private equity exits. 

 2) Interest rates are stabilizing, which is positive for the market. 

 3) Manufacturing has been hit hard on the debt side, while business services and retail are showing signs of recovery. 


00:00 Introduction and Background 

02:37 Overview of GF Data and Reports 

05:35 Insights from the M&A Report: Deal Volume and Valuations 

10:33 Deal Structures and Creative Financing 

21:33 Analysis of the Leverage Report and Debt Coverage 

27:20 Predictions and Projections for the Future of the Market 

0:11 Closing Remarks and Call to Action 

 Keywords:  M&A, trends, GF Data, reports, valuation, deal volume, interest rates, manufacturing, business services, retail

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