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Welcome to another enlightening episode of the M&A Mastermind Podcast, your ultimate destination for navigating the latest industry trends and strategies to elevate your M&A practice. I’m your host, Nick Olsen, Managing Director of Cornerstone International Alliance, the premier international alliance of M&A firms specializing in the lower middle market. In this episode, we’re joined by a true mastermind in the world of M&A, Teddy Saltzstein, Partner at Six Pillars Partners based in Dallas. 

Teddy brings a wealth of experience to the table, having transitioned from Deloitte to private equity and even stepping into the tech startup arena as a CEO. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Texas under his belt, Teddy’s journey through various sectors has provided him with unique insights into the intricacies of M&A. 

In our engaging conversation, Teddy shares invaluable insights into the importance of realistic projections in M&A transactions. We explore how projections serve as the cornerstone for evaluating future cash flows and determining the growth potential of a business. Teddy emphasizes the significance of data-driven projections, urging M&A advisors to focus on tangible metrics such as historical performance, lead generation, and customer retention. 

As we delve deeper, Teddy sheds light on the critical role of management team involvement in shaping projections and aligning growth expectations. He underscores the need for transparency and collaboration between buyers and sellers to ensure shared understanding and realistic forecasts. 

Moreover, Teddy provides actionable advice for M&A advisors on crafting compelling narratives around projections, emphasizing the importance of articulating growth strategies and addressing potential challenges upfront. By adopting a thorough approach to due diligence and embracing open communication, advisors can empower buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and drive successful M&A outcomes. 

Tune in to gain invaluable insights from Teddy Saltzstein on navigating projections and unlocking growth opportunities in M&A transactions. Whether you’re a seasoned M&A professional or an aspiring advisor, this episode offers invaluable guidance for mastering the art of M&A strategy and execution. 

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