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Welcome to a captivating episode of The M&A Mastermind Podcast, where Nick Olsen, Managing Director of Cornerstone International Alliance, hosts Craig Castelli, founder of Caber Hill Advisors. In this riveting conversation, Craig unveils the intricacies of unsolicited offers, drawing from his wealth of experience in sales, business development, and the world of mergers and acquisitions. 
As Nick and Craig delve into the episode, you’ll discover the fascinating journey of Craig, a Chicago-based M&A expert with a focus on healthcare, facility services, business services, and food and beverage. 
Listeners are in for a treat as the duo explores the nuances of unsolicited offers, a topic every professional in the field has encountered at some point. Gain insights into strategies, industry trends, and expert perspectives that promise to elevate your M&A practice. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the game, this episode is your go-to source for leveling up your M&A expertise. 
Tune in now to join Nick Olsen and Craig Castelli in unraveling the secrets of unsolicited offers on The M&A Mastermind Podcast!

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