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Rebecca Springer, lead analyst for PitchBook, discusses the state of the healthcare market and the impact of the pandemic on the industry. She highlights the unique pressures and challenges faced by healthcare companies, including overleveraging and declining reimbursement rates. Springer also identifies hot and emerging segments in healthcare, such as behavioral health, and discusses the outlook for the industry in the next 12 to 18 months. She emphasizes the importance of outcomes and value-based care in healthcare and highlights PitchBook as a valuable resource for industry research.

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Rebecca Springer is a lead analyst for PitchBook, focusing on the healthcare sector.  


The healthcare market has experienced a decline in deal activity and is facing challenges such as overleveraging and declining reimbursement rates.

Hot segments in healthcare include behavioral health, cardiology, and Med Spa, while emerging segments include pediatric services.

Declining segments in healthcare include Medicare home health and hospice, acute care physician staffing, and Medicare Advantage primary care.

The outlook for the healthcare industry in the next 12 to 18 months is uncertain, with the timing of a rebound in deal activity dependent on various factors.

Employers are expected to play a more active role in managing healthcare costs, and outcomes and value-based care will be key considerations for healthcare providers.


00:00 Introduction

01:04 Rebecca’s Background and Transition to M&A

02:59 Scope of PitchBook’s Industry Research

08:15 Current Status of the Healthcare Market

10:13 Impact of the Pandemic on the Healthcare Industry

13:53 Reasons for Overleveraging in Healthcare Companies

16:26 Unique Pressures on the Healthcare Industry

19:22 Hot Segments in Healthcare

21:26 Emerging Hot Segments in Healthcare

22:29 Declining Segments in Healthcare

28:27 Outlook for the Healthcare Industry

32:30 PitchBook Resources and Conclusion

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