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In this episode, Nick Olsen engages in a dynamic conversation with Al Danto, an expert in entrepreneurship and M&A advisory, exploring a topic often overlooked in business discussions—risk and perceived risk. Al shares insightful stories from his storied career, shedding light on the critical role risk plays in business transactions. 

They delve into the formal side of evaluation, touching on concepts like discount rates and capitalization rates. Al recounts his early experience buying a company at the age of 26, highlighting the fear and uncertainty that accompanied it. Drawing from behavioral economics, he introduces the prospect theory, emphasizing how humans tend to overemphasize downside risk while undervaluing upside gain. 

The conversation unfolds into a fascinating exploration of risk perception in various contexts, from crime rates to bungee cord jumping. Al provides valuable insights into how fear shapes decision-making in the realm of investments and acquisitions, citing examples from historical market downturns. 

As the discussion shifts towards M&A, Al explores the asymmetry of risk perception between buyers and sellers. He offers practical strategies to mitigate risk, emphasizing the importance of thorough due diligence and transparency. Al also stresses the significance of recurring revenue in enhancing a business’s value, drawing from his own experiences in the printing industry. 

The episode concludes with Al sharing his passion for educating entrepreneurs on risk management and preparing them for due diligence. He highlights the pivotal role of recurring revenue in minimizing uncertainty and increasing a business’s market value. 

Join Nick and Al on this enlightening journey into the often-neglected world of risk, where they unravel its complexities and unveil strategies for creating value in the realm of entrepreneurship and M&A. 

Key Topics: 

1. The formal side of evaluation: Discount rates, capitalization rates. 

2. The prospect theory and human behavior in risk assessment. 

3. Entrepreneurial experiences: Al’s first company purchase at 26. 

4. Market downturns: Learning opportunities for investors. 

5. The impact of fear on decision-making in M&A. 

6. Risk perception and its role in shaping market trends. 

7. Strategies to mitigate risk in business transactions. 

8. The significance of recurring revenue in enhancing business value. 

9. Educating entrepreneurs on risk management and due diligence. 


Tune in to gain profound insights into risk, fear, and value creation in the world of entrepreneurship and M&A.

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