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In this insightful episode, we delve into the world of corporate finance with Sarah Moores, co-founder of a boutique corporate finance firm based in the UK. With a mission to provide “London quality” advice to smaller businesses, Sarah shares her journey in setting up the firm and the unique challenges they address. 

Sarah explains the distinct needs of smaller businesses in the corporate finance landscape, emphasizing the importance of providing full-service support, rather than just brokering deals. This is especially crucial for owner-managed and founder-led enterprises, as Sarah highlights, and it comes with fees tailored to the lower middle market. 

The discussion then shifts to the state of the UK’s business landscape, marked by events like Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and the “great resignation.” Sarah paints a picture of the challenges and uncertainties facing businesses in the UK, which adds complexity to the process of selling a company. 

Looking ahead, Sarah uses her metaphorical crystal ball to predict another year of uncertainty in the market before a possible return to a “new normal.” She underscores the importance of early conversations about exit strategies for business owners. 

In this insightful interview, Sarah Moores offers valuable advice on dealing with unsolicited offers to buy a business, emphasizing the importance of having an advisor on hand to navigate these unexpected opportunities effectively. 

The conversation then turns to the critical aspect of preparation when selling a business. Sarah highlights how thorough pre-sale groundwork can uncover issues and discrepancies early, ultimately preventing potential deal breakers during the due diligence process. 

Sarah’s extensive experience in working with private equity firms comes to the forefront, as she shares her insights into the evolving landscape of private equity in the UK. She discusses the growing influence of private equity in both primary deals and bolt-on acquisitions in the small to mid-sized business market, shedding light on the benefits and challenges of private equity involvement. 

This episode is a must-listen for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the dynamics of corporate finance and the intricate process of buying or selling a company. Sarah Moores offers a wealth of knowledge and guidance, providing a roadmap for navigating the world of corporate finance.

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