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In this week’s episode, join host Nick Olsen as he sits down with Trever Acers, Managing Director of Objective Investment Banking and Valuation for an enlightening deep dive into the world of mergers and acquisitions. Acers unveils a unique client-centric approach that sets the stage for successful deals. Discover the spectrum of tactics to captivate buyers and the art of nurturing long-term relationships with business owners.

Trever shares his expert knowledge on proactive strategies and maintaining confidentiality, shedding light on the crucial role of post-acquisition economics in determining purchase prices. This conversation unpacks the complexities of M&A transactions, highlighting the strategic decisions that can make or break a deal. Learn about the significance of transparency, the educational journey through the M&A process, and the critical importance of avoiding distractions to maximize business value.

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Some key takeaways include:

1) The importance of tailoring a strategy to maximize the outcome for each client

2) The impact of proactive strategies on achieving client objectives

3) The significance of confidentiality and transparency in the M&A process

4) The role of education and relationship-building in developing successful client-advisor partnerships

5) The importance of strategic decision-making in M&A transactions

6) The impact of distractions on business performance

About the show:

The M&A Mastermind Podcast is your go-to source for the latest industry trends and strategies to level up your M&A practice.

The show features thought leaders who specialize in the lower middle market space and share their experiences and expertise across key areas of execution, such as: market analysis, lead generation, deal management, strategic partnerships, buyer access and much more.

With host Nick Olsen, each episode’s “mastermind” will share ways in which they have found success in navigating the M&A industry to best support the small-to-medium sized private business owners they focus on serving.


00:00 Introduction to Objective Investment Banking and Valuation

03:15 Maximizing Client Outcomes through Tailored Strategies

07:02 Proactive Strategies for Achieving Client Objectives

13:35 Confidentiality and Transparency in M&A

29:37 Strategic Decision-Making in M&A Transactions

33:10 Navigating Distractions and Maximizing Value

37:24 The Role of Advisors in M&A Transactions

41:30 Post-Acquisition Economics and Value Creation


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