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In this week’s installment, join host Nick Olsen as he sits down with Rob Margeton, Co-Founder of Ryco Advisors as they delve into the dynamic world of M&A transactions and unveil the game-changing benefits of sell-side reps and warranty insurance policies. Unlock the secrets of how these policies, steeped in historical significance, revolutionize deal timelines and empower sellers to navigate the complex landscape of negotiations with confidence and finesse.

Rob sheds light on the strategic advantages, unravels the mysteries surrounding policy costs and the application process, and unveils the transformative impact on deal negotiations. Learn more about risk mitigation and discover why educating clients and stakeholders is paramount for harnessing the full potential of these invaluable tools.

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Some of the key takeaways of this episode include:

1) Sell-side reps and warranty insurance policies are beneficial for mitigating risk and expediting M&A transactions.

2) Educating clients and stakeholders about the benefits of these policies is crucial for their successful implementation.

3) The cost of these policies is relatively low compared to the potential benefits, making them a valuable tool for sellers in M&A transactions.

About the show:

The M&A Mastermind Podcast is your go-to source for the latest industry trends and strategies to level up your M&A practice.

The show features thought leaders who specialize in the lower middle market space and share their experiences and expertise across key areas of execution, such as: market analysis, lead generation, deal management, strategic partnerships, buyer access and much more.

With host Nick Olsen, each episode’s “mastermind” will share ways in which they have found success in navigating the M&A industry to best support the small-to-medium sized private business owners they focus on serving.


00:00 Introduction to M&A Mastermind Podcast and Guest Introduction

03:26 Impact of Reps and Warranty Insurance on Deal Timelines

05:38 Benefits of Sell-Side Reps and Warranty Insurance for Sellers

08:19 Educating Clients and Stakeholders on Sell-Side Reps and Warranty Insurance

15:12 Coverage and Claims of Sell-Side Reps and Warranty Insurance Policies

20:50 Buyer Acceptance and Resistance to Sell-Side Reps and Warranty Insurance

25:27 Threshold and Cost Considerations for Sell-Side Reps and Warranty Insurance Policies

27:20 Conclusion and Contact Information


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