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In this episode of the M&A Mastermind Podcast, Nick Olsen interviews Ryan Buist, a partner at Portage M&A Advisory, about the importance of business valuations in the M&A process. They discuss how valuations can help business owners plan for retirement, involve trusted advisors in the process, and ensure a smooth sale. Buist emphasizes the need for early valuations to allow for tax planning and value enhancement strategies. He also highlights the importance of building trust with clients and referral sources, and the role of valuations in qualifying leads. The episode concludes with a discussion on nurturing clients and staying top of mind for future opportunities. 

Key Takeaways: 

Business valuations are crucial for helping business owners plan for retirement and ensuring they are comfortable with the sale price of their business. 

Involving trusted advisors, such as wealth planners, accountants, and lawyers, in the valuation process can help build trust and ensure a smooth sale. 

Early valuations allow for tax planning and value enhancement strategies to increase the value of the business. 

Building trust with clients and referral sources is essential for success in the M&A industry. 

Nurturing clients and staying top of mind through value-added services can lead to future opportunities. 


00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction 

04:06 The Role of Valuations in Portage’s Firm and Client Acquisition 

09:25 Revenue Generation and Benefits of Valuations 

16:31 The Importance of Trusted Advisors and Accountants 

28:08 Plug for Portage’s Podcast and Conclusion 

Key Topics: M&A, business valuations, retirement planning, trusted advisors, tax planning, value enhancement, qualifying leads, nurturing clients

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