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Join us in this insightful episode as Nick Olsen engages Trisha Mossey, an M&A expert from Confederation M&A, in a deep dive into the Canadian M&A landscape. Travel back to the highlights of 2023, where Confed M&A experienced its busiest year, closing 17 deals. Trisha shares her perspective on the bustling Canadian market, contrary to some industry reports suggesting a slowdown. 

As they transition into discussing the current state and future trends for 2024, discover the factors influencing the M&A scene in Canada. Trisha sheds light on the significant impact of the mass retirement of baby boomers, leading to a surge in small businesses looking to change hands in the next decade. Learn about the challenges and opportunities this demographic shift presents and how Confed M&A is actively involved in helping businesses prepare for succession. 

Nick and Trisha explore the importance of early succession planning and share success stories where businesses increased their value by implementing strategic changes. Dive into the intricacies of M&A advisory, where Trisha provides valuable insights on approaching clients not ready to sell and maintaining a consistent communication cadence. 

The conversation extends to the broader economic landscape, touching on topics such as interest rates, lending environments, and the impact on deal timelines. Trisha also highlights hot industries in Canada, including construction and healthcare, while cautioning about the challenges faced by the restaurant sector. The episode wraps up with a focus on cross-border M&A and the collaboration between Canadian firms and U.S. private equity. Discover how Confed M&A leverages its alliance with Cornerstone International Alliance to expand networks, collaborate on deals, and provide clients with a broader reach. 

Join Nick Olsen and Trisha Mossey in this engaging discussion that offers a comprehensive view of the Canadian M&A market, unveiling trends, challenges, and opportunities on the horizon for 2024. Whether you’re an M&A professional or an entrepreneur, this episode provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of mergers and acquisitions in Canada.

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